Viettel Global Investment JSC was established according to the Business Registration Certificate no. 0102409426 issued on October 24, 2007 by the Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi city. The initial share capital was 960 billion VND.




1/2008: Viettel Global received the investment project in Cambodia from Viettel Group.

2/2008: Viettel Global concluded a joint venture contract with Lao Asian Telecom (LAT) to establish Star Telecom Co., Ltd. in which Viettel holds 49% share capital, officially started investment in Laos.



2/2009: official launch of telecommunications network in Cambodia, started business operation and services provision in the country.

10/2009: official launch of telecommunications services in Laos.




2/2010: establishment of Viettel Overseas Co., Ltd to implement the investment project on the expansion of the telecommunications network in Haiti.

11/2010: Viettel Global won the tender of the investment project of a telecommunications network in Mozambique.



9/2011: official launch and started business operation of telecommunications services in Haiti.




5/2012: Official launch and started telecommunications services provision in the  Mozambique.

7/2012: Viettel Global won the tender of an investment license in East Timor.

12/2012: Viettel Global won the tender of the 3rd mobile license in Cameroon.



3/2013: Official launch of mobile services in East Timor.

8/2013: Viettel Global’s Extra-Ordinary Shareholders Meeting made decision on 3 major issues:

- Change the Company’s Vietnamese name from: “Company” to “Corporation”;

- Increase share capital from VND 6,219,052,000,000 up to VNĐ 12,438,112,000,000;

                                              - Supplement: "Rent of machines, equipment and other tangible facilities" to the Business Registration of the Company.


2/2014: Receive investment license in Burundi.

9/2014: Official launch of mobile services in Cameroon

10/2014: Official launch of mobile services in Peru 

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